You Believe What?!

By: Kelly Hutson

I don’t have a big-name person to endorse my book but here is why you should read it.

One day you will die (and you have no idea when that day will be) and face the judgment.

How will it go when God examines you? Will you tell Him you have kept your heart pure and that you are clean and without sin?  (I don’t recommend that) Are you concerned?

You should be. Whatever you believe, time will prove you – and me – right or wrong. If you didn’t die this book would be irrelevant but you WILL die. 

You Believe What?! is filled with stories and questions to help you see the truth concerning the world around you, the truth about the character of God, and the truth of what is coming for every person on planet earth. 

Ignoring this truth is the worst thing you can do. 

If you know Christ and desire to walk in His Holy Spirit, this book will give you insights into the lies that surround us concerning science, religion, and salvation and give you some weapons when speaking with those who ‘in all their thoughts have no room for God’ – Psalm 10:4.

Maybe you know someone who is searching for answers.  That is who this book is for.  Maybe it is you. 

Read it with an open heart and see if what you believe lines up with reality and the words of God. 

Much is at stake.


By: Karen Ettleman

Galley has loved Deena since before he could remember, though he had never admitted it to himself. They had grown up together in the orphanage since infancy and continued to help Lady Bishop take care of the younger orphans.

A twist of fate leads the beautiful, orphaned Deena right into the path of prince Claus, heir to the throne. Spoiled and selfish, he is instantly captivated by her beauty and kind spirit and is determined to make her his bride to spite his father whom he despises.

However, through the help of an exiled wizard in a world where magic is rare, Deena’s true identity is slowly revealed. The truth is exposed of the horrible tragedy that led her to the steps of the orphanage one stormy night.

True love is put to the ultimate test as good and evil collide in an epic adventure to determine the fate of an entire kingdom.

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