Parenting – The Ultimate Proof of a Heavenly Father

Can you imagine if a parent’s love for their child was dependent upon their child’s obedience and contribution?

I mean honestly, what contribution does a newborn baby offer parents except adorable, chubby cheeks and the occasional, accidental smile?  And when you tell them not to cry, do they listen?

They can’t work, they can’t make money, they can’t cook or do chores, they can’t have meaningful conversations, they can’t play an instrument or shoot a basketball. 

Yet, parents are absolutely and unconditionally in love with their newborn babies.  I remember when I first held my son after his birth and being completely overcome with love and my son didn’t do anything to earn it but be born!

And because of this great love, I sacrificed sleep, time, money, effort, comforts, convenience, and luxuries to ensure that he was taken care of. 

What hope would a tiny, little baby have of being loved by their mom and dad if that loved was based on their contributions?  In fact, what hope would any baby have of even surviving if that were the case!

The point of all this is that parenting is absolutely proof of the existence of the God of the Bible.

God has chosen to love us, like a parent does a child, without any prior need of contribution or obedience.  All we had to do was exist and God loved us!

Only in Christianity will you find a God that is like a good parent, loving us regardless of what we give back and regardless of what we do.  EVERY other religion in the world is clearly a religion of man’s making because it requires works or contribution on our part. 

If we’re honest with ourselves, we love pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and feeling accomplished.  Now there’s nothing wrong with this other than acknowledging that we can do nothing to save ourselves but submit to the Savior is extremely difficult.  No wonder religions of works are so prevalent.  Christianity would seem much more simple if all I had to do was go to church every week, pray before each meal and give 10% of everything I earned away.  But that is not the case.  Salvation comes only through surrendering our hearts, our desires, and our lives.  We must repent, tell God we know our sin, and ask for forgiveness and make Jesus Lord of our lives. 

And like a good parent, God takes care of us, forgives us when we do wrong, corrects and disciplines us, and sets us on the right path.

If parenting reflected any other religion, the world would be a much darker place.

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