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Those Who Will Not Be Governed By God

It’s no secret that we live in perilous times. Accusations are flying from every corner as to how we got here – but few are getting to the truth. Are you ready? It is dark because there is no light!

Our problem is NOT Fannie, Freddie, or Franken; GM, AIG, or CNN; the far left, Middle East, or upper management. And our answer is not the republican party, lower taxes, or conservatism. The answer to our problems is the truth found in scripture and echoed by our Founding Fathers. The church has the truth, science, history, common sense, and the Spirit and, yet, we are losing the battle for the heart, mind, and soul of our nation because we are not engaging the culture. Our light is not shining!

Good Government

It can be difficult in these times to bring the godless to the light, so, bring the light to them. You can reach hundreds simply by wearing a shirt to Home Depot or Walmart. Or organize your church and put up a billboard on a busy street. Put up a pro-life sign at your church to keep the abortion issue at the forefront of your thoughts and prayers. It is amazing how these open doors to witnessing and how many people will affirm what you are proclaiming. Imagine what could happen if millions of Christians quit complaining and started shining!

Eighteen years in the making, Eternitees and Libertees speak to the issues of our time. Creation/evolution, pro-life/abortion, God/atheism, the Bible, morality, religion, and Jesus Christ are issues absolutely essential for liberty, life, and eternal life. And yet, few people take the time to consider them.

Evolution Damn It